Now Watch the Entire Google I/O 2013 Keynote Online

In case you had a heavy week at work and as a result missed out on all the massive groundbreaking announcements that were made at Google I/O 2013 opening Keynote, then you are in luck. The entire keynote is now available online.

Google IO 2013

It is about three hour long vide, and in case you do not have that much time and would much rather just read through what was important, then you could check out a roundup we did right after the I/O, highlighting the important announcements here.

This is the entire keynote if you wish to check out:

Our favorite part of the entire keynote without a doubt was the question and answer session taken by Larry Page. It was fascinating to hear his views and where in his opinion the web and Android in general were heading. So even if you want to skip out all the other speeches, do hear the QnA session.

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