Now Watch The Entire Keynote Of Windows Phone 8 Online

We recently covered all that is new in the Windows next gen operating system named the Windows Phone 8 here. It promises to bring a whole new level of experience to an already very competent and simple to use WP 7. Things changed a little with WP 7.5 however, now it seems like the time is right for a big jump.

We had all been anticipating this move from Microsoft and they did live up to the expectations and definitely released an update that would make Windows Phone even closer as a competitor to the already existing giants such as Android and iOS. However if you missed all the announcements or simply are in the mood for a re run of the show that bought us WP 8, here you can watch it online now.

What are your initial reactions to the launch of WP8? Do you think it will be a massive hit it promises to be? Do share your views with us.


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