Now Watch The Launch Of HTC 8X And 8S On Video

HTC has recently announced the launch of Windows Phone Flagship devices called the HTC 8X and 8S. The two devices are probably the most pretty phones ever made hardware wise at the very least. They look totally stunning and with HTC adding their touch of fantastic camera, these phones well and truly rock. The best part though is that both these devices would be available in a wide array of colors which would definitely make the audience get up and notice it.

These two devices are definitely up their as the future of Windows Phone 8. It does make a bad reading for Nokia, especially since HTC very openly said that they are the leading partners of Windows Phone OS. The devices were launched with Windows 8 on board on September 19th in a press conference held at New York. You can now watch the entire unveiling of the phones which does feature the Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer right as it unfolded in the video here, do check out:


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