Now you can Discover Real Time Top Tracks on Shazam on iOS Devices

Shazam alongside SoundHound is one of the most used applications for track discovery. How many times have you been in a restaurant and heard a song play without having a clue what it is. Shazam helps you discover that by listening to it and listing the track details for you. However, so far Shazam was pretty much limited to just simply listening and tagging the music you are listening to your Facebook profile. However, with the latest update to Shazam available across iOS devices adds a nifty little feature to the app.


Now the application has a new feature called pulse which allows you to look at top trending music in the world of Shazam users. We are guessing it works on a simple algo of tracking the song that is being recognised the most. The new update also brings with it a totally new tool bar at the bottom. The release notes say, not just this, but more features have been added to the application as well:

” New on iPhone in 6.1:

? Shazam Pulse – Find fresh new music and preview from the trending real time charts
? Friends – Smoother loading
? New look tab bar:
-Settings is now located on the top left of the home screen
-When a Friend tags, they appear in the tab bar
-Chart updates are displayed in the tab bar

New on iPad in 6.1:
? Easier to delete tags from Favorites, tap edit then select tags
? Improved stability in Friends feed

New on iPhone and iPad in 6.1:
? Shazam Pulse – Discover new music by sampling of what’s being tagged right now. To find it on your iPad, swipe right on the home screen. To find it on your iPhone swipe right in Discover.”

We did check out the Android version and there was no Pulse option on it despite having the latest version of the app. We can only hope that the feature is rolled out on Android soon now that iOS devices already have it and we can see the utility of having such a feature.

via: Cult of Mac

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