Now you can Livestream using Google Glass with LiveLens App

Google Glass is one of the trendiest wearables out there. Give a technophile an option to purchase any gadget, and chances are that at least 60-70% of them will opt for a Google Glass. The nerdy looking device is gradually progressing out of its developer mode and being rolled out to the customers in the US. While the glass still has legal limitations and fairly limited developer support, it is a small peek into what the future of eye wearables hold for us.


One of the main utilities of such a device is the ability to livestream content. So far most of the livestreaming is done via static cameras from inside the studios, but imagine, if you would want to livestream an entire trip or an adventure. This also would open so many new avenues for liveblogging as well as lifeblogging. Although the battery life on the Google Glass is not the best yet which makes us skeptical for such experience, but LiveLens, an app so far that was available on Android and iOS has brought the option to Glass owners.

You can download the application from its website here. Once you have the application installed, you can upload the videos as well as use the various Social sharing options such as liking and commenting on the video as well as of those in your community. You can also, go ahead and publish these videos on facebook directly and opt in for monitization program.

LiveLens is an interesting concept that aims to bring unique utility to Google Glass which so far has been able to do a very few basic tasks.

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