Now You can Share your Live Photos on Facebook

Apple introduced Live Photos with iPhone 6s. Even though they were not the first ones to bring a concept like Live Photos as both, HTC and Lumia devices had done something very similar, you always knew that the entire thing will get commercialised and popular once Apple decided to bring it. A lot of people are wrongly crediting Apple for inventing Live Photos when in reality they just made it the most popular new jing bang in the world of technology.


One problem with Live Photos though is that, you can only share it with people who are currently using the iPhone 6s for them to see it. However, thanks to their urge to make everything shareable Facebook has added a feature where you can now upload your Live Photos to Facebook. This is possible to be done via the Facebook app on your iPhone 6s. All you really need to do is to upload the Live Photo as a normal photo and you will see three concentric circles next to it, tap on it and the entire Live Photo will be updated.

Once the photo is updated, you can upload it. For anyone who is browsing, he will see these circles as a quick communication that this is indeed a Live Photo. You will be able to browse Live Photos both from the app as well as from the desktop. For now, the feature is being rolled out in phases for a small section of crowd, though eventually it would be available for everyone in 2016.

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