NowRelevant Gives You Latest Search Results

Sometime Google or other search engines shows you old results when you search for any term. Google News might help you to get the latest results but it only displays latest news (within 24 hours). NowRelevant is a different kind of search engine that displays 14 days old results for any search query

To use this site you have to type your query on the search box and then click on the “Search” button. It displays the results immediately. It doesn’t show the search result which contains similar phrases (no irrelevant results).


There is a handy slider present on the site by which you can filter the search results according to the amount of days. For example if you move your slider to 3 then it displays only 3 days old results.


To use this site no registration is required. It is absolutely free to use. As the name implies, it only displays relevant and latest search results on its interface. Great tool to try.

Go to NowRelevant.

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