Npackd is a Software Solution For Windows PC Software

Sometime ago we discussed an amazing app Ninite that lets you download all the software on your Windows PC in a single click. If you are looking for some other easy solution then Npackd would be the right tool for you. It suggests all the famous applications to you and you can download any of them by following some easy steps.

You need to install Npackd on your system first. On first run it automatically identifies and displays all the software installed on your PC. Among the list of software, you can install any one of them. Here’s how you can do that:

1. On left pane there is a drop down by which you can see which software are already installed on your PC. You can filter out those software with the help of available option.


Select the software given on right side. Now click on the install button given on the tool bar.


It will start downloading and installing the software. You can see the elapsed time and remaining time on the interface.


There is an option of Go to Package Page on the tool’s interface. When you click on it, it will redirect you to the product’s homepage. You can get all the information regarding software right from there.

Download Npackd to get your favorite Windows software on your PC.

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