How To Install Password Manager Software Lastpass on Your Computer

Sometime ago I told you how to setup and use Xmarks in Google Chrome browser. I am a big fan of Xmarks which is a brilliant tool for synchronizing bookmarks and passwords across various OS and browsers. But if you want a best online password manager to store, sync and manage your passwords in cloud then no one comes near to LastPass.

You can use this tool to protect or encrypt all the passwords and can be accessed with the help of master password. It automatically fills the credentials when you open the login page and also has ability yo fill forms.

There are two ways to get this tool on your computer. It comes as an extension for all the major browsers ( LastPass for Chrome, LastPass for Firefox, Safari and IE) and as a software which you can install on your PC. If you use a single browser on your computer then it is advisable to install an extension. Otherwise go for the software version.

Download the latest version.

Double click on the setup file to install the tool.


Select your language and click “Next”.


It will show you some benefits of the software. Click “Next” button.


Now select the browsers for which you want to install the plug-in. If you want to sync passwords along all the browsers then check the boxes next to each browser names and then click the “Next” button.


If any of the selected browser is open then it will ask you to close it immediately to continue the installation procedure. You can click the “Close programs” button to close the browser immediately (save your work before closing your browser).


If you don’t have Lastpass account then select the first option and click “Next”.


Enter your registration email ID, password, and a password reminder. Note that password and password reminder is very important because you can retrieve all the passwords easily. Keep your password secret.


It will ask you to re enter your master password. Read the instructions carefully and click “Save” button.


You can import all the save passwords in your browser’s password manager to the Lastpass. We advice you to disable password manager or use master password feature in Firefox to reduce password threat risk. Select the option next to “Yes, let me choose which items I want imported into LastPass” and click “Next”.


It will show all the saved passwords. Click Next.


After importing all the saved passwords, it is better to remove them from the browsers. Select the proper option and click “Next”.


After completing all the steps Lastpass is finally installed in your computer. Now it will ask you to select few options. First select the option “Automatically log me out of Lastpass” when I close my browser and “Do not set Lastpass Vault as my homepage” for enhancing your security. Click Done.


That’s it. Password manager is installed on your computer. Now you can go to any website and when you enter the login credentials and press enter, Laspass will ask you to save the password in the vault.

Here’s a nice video which tells you how to use this tool.

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