Numerics Calculator & Converter Is A Great Calculator For Chrome

We spend so much time on Internet these days that it has practically become our second home. In fact, the other day I calculated spending just over 11 hours on a weekend surfing and blogging. That is practically half a day in front of the laptop. And one program that is always running in the background no matter what we are doing on the Laptop these days is an Internet browser, and Chrome is the most popular choice today. No wonder Chrome is now as functional as an entire OS. Being an Engineer, I have a bad habit of checking every fact and figure with the help of a calculator, and it was this need that bumped me into discovering Numerics Calculator & Converter for Google Chrome.

If you too are a nerd who loves to use his calculator then we cannot recommend having this add on to your Chrome enough. Numerics Calculator & Calculator is a brilliant offline calculator that takes care of every need of yours when it comes to playing around with numbers. It is very easy to use and has a couple of great features. It works flawlessly and you can see the results of your analysis in the real time which is really handy. There is also a history page that stores all your calculations in case you wish to review your calculations at a later date.

The web app, also has a loan calculator and a very handy converter which can convert things such as temperature and currency. All in all it is a must have addition to your Chrome to make your work a lot more productive if you are in the business of playing with  numbers.

You can download the application from here.

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