Numix Material Torch is the Best Android Torch App

It might sound slightly crazy that after a hard day of work at the job, we went back to write about a torch application when warming the hands on fire could have been really a good recommendation. However, having used the application earlier today when we stumbled across it, we knew we wanted to write about it as early as possible. It would be of little surprise that a torch app is perhaps one of the most used applications on my smartphone and one of the lucky apps to live on my desktop at all times.


With the announcement of Android 5.0, Google announced a new design lingo called Material Design. Numix Material Torch is a torch app that brings material design in a very neatly done application. The application has its features such as the ability to turn the light on and off with just one button. There is also regular interval strobbing as well as Morse Code push in built in the application. The major feature of the application is that it is compatible with the Android watch and installs it in the system apps so you can simply turn on the flashlight when you need it on your phone using the watch itself.

Did we mention the app has an absolutely gorgeous UI and design?

The application can be downloaded right here.

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