Official CM9 Available For Galaxy Note

As a Galaxy Note user myself, it probably is the ROM release i have been waiting for months now. But finally the official CM9 has been released for the Galaxy Note. Android users are nerds by trade and fiddling with their devices is something they just cannot help. Staying true to my Android roots, i have played with innumerable ROM’s in my long association with Android but the one set of Rom’s that have always given me the perfect Vanilla Android experience ha been the CynogenMod ROM’s. The story is exactly the same with Galaxy Note. Having played with ROMS’s such as AOSP based ones, various Alpha and Beta releases of CM9, Dark Knight ones, I can confidently say, none of them match up to the speed, battery life and experience of an Official CM9.

The official CM9 comes with a native support for the S pen, one of the outstanding features of the Galaxy Note, a feature i ended up using way lot more than I had thought I would. There are a few minor bugs that need to be fixed which I am sure in the due course of time would be. This is by a fair distance the most stable ROM you can pick for your device.

Just a little note that you must be on a rooted device to be able to change the ROM. To download the ROM, head over to the XDA page for the device and do not forget to thank the developers for this amazing present. Do let us know in the comments section how your experience with the native CM9 ROM was on your Note. I would be posting a video review in a week’s time after having played with it and share my experiences. Stay tuned.

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