Official Hotmail App for Android is Out

In what is a move that would surprise a lot of market enthusiasts Android market place has got its first release of the official Hotmail Application. So far there had been only the native Gmail application and to use all your other accounts you had to manually customize them in the native email client. However, Hotmail is one of the most popular email clients and it was just about imperative that they would have an official client and it’s finally out.


Now, no more of entering your details into the native application as you can directly use it. The official application lets you to sync multiple msn accounts, including Hotmail and live ones and also forward your emails to the pre created folders that you use. You can also use extensive search feature that is available in the native application for searching through your contacts and emails.


The UI is extremely good on the eye and in a lot of ways very similar to the native Gmail application without the priority inbox. Also there are lots of customizations present in the application so you can select the refresh rate and various things to make the application suit your needs. This can in fact be done for individual mail accounts too, so that is another awesome feature.

There is an awesome in built feature called Quiet hours, during this specified time, the client will not check for new mails, it’s a really intuitive thing, as one does not need their mobile device to fetch emails during the night times, hence all and all it’s a wonderful application and really easy to get around. If you have a Hotmail account and an android phone, it’s a must have, especially since its free.

Check out Hotmail for Android.

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  1. I’ve read many blogs and they agree that hotmail is the best mail for most Android and iPhone where in cant even understand why they choose this mail instead of gmail.

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