One Power Guard Battery Saver Is The Best Way To Save Battery On Android

If there is one thing I would love to change in the smart phones today is the battery life of the devices. Having played around with pretty much every single Android device or it’s variant in the market, apart from maybe the Note II and Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, I must admit the battery on every single other device is disappointing. More than half of these devices do not last through the day and you end up doing things like turning Auto Sync off or minimizing the on screen brightness in order to save the juice. I see little point of doing these things, your phone is no longer as smart as you want it to be. The best way out seems to be using third party application, that promises to save the battery on your device. These usually do it by either powering off the connections at various intervals or reducing the lower limit of auto brightness etc, but again, most of them just do not work too well. Until now though, we just might have come across the most effective way of saving battery life on our Android device.

One Power Guard Battery Saver App is probably the most simple as well as easy way to save battery on your Android device. Unlike most of the other applications, this is extremely easy application to use and works well within the system without you having to continuously fiddle with the settings. For a limited period the app is also available for free on the XDA forums. The app developer has explained very well how the app works, it has six intelligent modes and this is how they function:

AI Mode: It intelligently adjusts cpu frequency and optimizes kernel to greatly extend battery time according to system loading.
Powersave Mode: It runs devices under low frequency to extend standby time.
Game/Video Mode: It provides flow game and video experience while offering satisfactory power-saving strategy.
Call Mode: It powers up the core function of phone conservation. For business persons trapping by phone.
Standby Mode: It lowers system frequency and prolongs stand-by time to the extreme. For sleepers and dreamers.
Custom Mode: It indulges pros to customize cpu frequence, scheduling and io adjustment, and to choose parameters of their own.”

I would highly recommend this application to you and would advice you to download it before it gets paid. Head over to the XDA page of the application here to get it.

Via: XDA


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