OnePlus Begins Recruiting as they Prepare for the Indian Adventure

OnePlus along with Xiaomi have been the two most talked about Android manufacturers in the recent past simply because of the value for money they provide their customers with. Both the companies have flagship products that are very much in line with the highest end spec products from other renowned manufacturers, be it Samsung, LG, HTC or Oppo yet there is a staggering difference in pricing. While Xiaomi started business in India a month or so ago, OnePlus too recently was reported to be considering moving to India.

OnePlus One

It looks like we have had the best confirmation of the move yesterday as OnePlus posted the opening for a General Manager, presumably to head the India Operations, on their forums. This would certainly validate the news last month that the business heads at OnePlus were seriously impressed with the response in India around the device and would consider making a move to the market soon. The entire job description read:


We understand that the excitement about OnePlus is real, but don’t think we’re slacking off just because we haven’t made any major announcements. In the past few months we’ve seen some amazing traction. We know that Indian customers have very high demands and expectations, which is why we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to take OnePlus to India.

A key figure to our success in India will be our General Manager who will help us set up the India team and operations. Today, we’re announcing that we’re hiring for this position. Like any other company, we’re looking for experience, brains, and perseverance – but none of this matters if we don’t share the same dreams or connect on culture.

We need your help to source the crazy talent that will help build OnePlus into an Indian success story. Please have a look at our job description, and share it with whomever you think might be a good fit.

Together, we’ll change the trajectory of the Indian tech scene.

How do you feel about OnePlus? Would you purchase a OnePlus device if it were to come to India? Let us know in the section below.

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