OnePlus Introduces Two New Service Plans in India for the OnePlus Two

One of the major complaints with the Chinese OEMs coming to India has been the substandard service that these OEMs are able to give the customers. In fact, the service part of the story has become a major differentiator when it comes for the consumers to picking up one of the devices made by these Chinese players. This is why several players have now started offering lucrative offers bundled with their devices as well as opened dedicated service centers which would help serve the customers at the snap of a finger.

B2X Protect

OnePlus has joined the gang on this one and is now offering two new service plans in India which users can pick up when they buy the OnePlus Two. The first of the two plans is B2X Service plan for OnePlus Two, which basically extends the manufacturer’s warranty by another year. This obviously does not cover any accidental warranty. The only catch is that you need to buy the B2X Service Plan within 30 days of purchasing the OnePlus Two and activate it within 7 days of buying it. The support will be directly available at OnePlus Service Stores. You can buy the plan from Amazon here for Rs 999.

The other service offering is called B2X Protect, which basically adds cashless coverage for accidents too for your OnePlus Two. Not just this, B2X will also facilitate free pick up and delivery of the device from your doorstep. You can pick up the service for Rs 1299 from Amazon here.

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