OnePlus One 16 GB Launched in India: Will go on Sale on February 24th

OnePlus has announced the 16 GB variant of the OnePlus One in India. The device will go on sale tomorrow in India at a price of Rs 18,999. 16 GB version of the device will come in the silk white variant instead of the famous black sandstone version. The sad news here though is that you will still need an invite system to get through the device, so unless you have one, there is no way to pick up the phone, just like the 64 GB variant.


All the specifications of the device including the screen size as well as the processors, and other components remain absolutely same, the only change is in the ROM of the device which has been reduced to 16 GB. It is imperative to remember that the OnePlus One does not support expansion via Micro SD slot so you will be stuck with barely about 12 GB of space on your Android device.

The 16 GB version will come with CyanogenMod out of the box, though will be updated to Oxygen OS when it is ready to roll out. The good news about the whole move is that you can grasp the phone, with the invite of the 64 GB version also, so in case you already have one, you can pick up the same OnePlus One in a much cheaper price, though with a compromise on space.

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