OnePlus One Planning to Do Away with Invite System From October

One of the charms of owning a OnePlus or Xiaomi devices is the fact that it is next to impossible to acquire one of these for one reason or the other. While OnePlus currently has an invite system where unless you have an invite from the company itself via their internet forums, you cannot own the device, Xiaomi is persisting with a flash sale model in India where you need to register in order to buy the phone when the sale goes live until the devices are not sold out.

OnePlus One

Both the devices are some sort of achievement to own and no wonder your everyday consumer who may not be the most tech or internet savvy of the lot is finding it a bit of a task ordering these. Both the companies have come under tremendous scrutiny for the sale model, but what has not been said enough is how well these sale models have worked from a marketing or PR standpoint. However, OnePlus after almost 6 months of launch is planning to scrap away the invite system so that everybody could have a piece of OnePlus One and not settle.

In one of the recent Reddit AMA, the company did reveal that they are planning on a pre-booking model where every user can go ahead and pre book the device and the same will be delivered to them on a first come first serve basis given the rather low production of units. The exact words from OPO were:

“We are working on a pre-orders system, we were initially aiming for September but it’s been slightly delayed, hopefully we’ll be ready to launch it in October.”

This is certainly good news for everyone who has been waiting to pick up a high end Android smartphone without having to burn a hole in their pockets as the 16 GB variant of OPO retails for $300 while the 64 GB version costs $350.

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