OnePlus Ties Exclusively with Airtel to Experience the OnePlus Two at their Brand Stores

The biggest problem with buying a phone online is the fact that you do not get to experience the product before you take a plunge into buying the device out. This is a serious issue when the phone is new and not a lot of people own it, as a result the handsets to try your hands on and check for things like, how does it feel in the hand, how well does it fit etc are neglected and you are basically making either an informed choice based on someone else’s opinion or you are simply shooting the bow in the dark hoping it hits the bull’s eye.

OnePlus 2- Price

OnePlus as a brand is online exclusive and is battling precisely the above pain point. While the same is not much issue say in the likes of US or UK, in India in hand experience makes a lot of difference. This is why OnePlus is partnering with Airtel to showcase the new device, OnePlus Two at their 4G stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Airtel has promised that they will bring the experience to other cities with 4G coverage and brand stores too. It is worth mentioning that if you like the experience you will have to pick up the device after claiming an invite from Amazon. The device will not be on sale at any of the Airtel stores but only there as things to experience.

However, Airtel has promised that there will be some sort of contests or activities at the store using which people will be able to secure the invites which is good news. The device is already on sale at Amazon for a price of Rs 24,999 for the 64 GB variant and Rs 22,999 for the 16 GB variant.

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