OnePlus to Make an Announcement Today

OnePlus, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been making quite some waves in the market these days, thanks to its policy of providing flagship level hardware and software on device, that is fraction of cost of the latest flagships. The only drawback is that the devices are not available for everyone and you would require an invite from the company or someone who has purchased the phone to be able to buy the phone.

OnePlus has come out and announced on its Social Media channel, Twitter that it has a major announcement lined up for later today. The post on Twitter implies that starting from now, anything can happen and has the image of a mail with a paper coming out. While it is easy to assume this may well be something about the OnePlus Two which is slated to be the next flagship from the company, it was recently reported that the next OnePlus phone would not be out until the second half of this year at the very least.

So what could the announcement be? Well, if we were to guess it could be that OnePlus has got the stocks of OnePlus One in abundance now and, therefore is doing away with the invite system, largely guessing that based on the graphics shared on Social Media. Whatever it is, you are sure to find out more about the announcement by following OnePlus on their Social Media channel.

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