OnePlus Will Sell its USB Type C Port Separately too for $5

OnePlus 2 became realistically the first device to ship with a USB Type-C port. The new standard was adopted across the line of devices including mobiles, tablets and laptops recently in order to bring some sort of standardization across the devices as well as get done away with the limitations of the currently used USB and Micro USB ports that are direction specific. If you have used Apple’s lightening connector you will understand the importance of a connector that works in either direction as it really takes a major hassle off your head.

Type C

However, with a new standard will come its own shares of challenges, most notable one being adaptability due to lack of enough units. As a result, it may take longer for a new standard to really become a widespread practice. To battle these issues, OnePlus while offering the cable in the box, will also separately sell its USB Type C cable for $5. This is perhaps the cheapest price of the USB Type C that we have come across since the launch of the standard.

While Micro USB and Mini USB cables are even cheaper, $5 seems to be a good price for a standard that is just new. Add to the fact that soon, you would you be able to charge your Laptop, Phone and Tablet with the same cable, you feel the  price is definitely worth paying.

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