Open all your Files in one Window with Open Freely

Open Freely is a simple yet innovative app that allows users to open almost any of their files on its interface, be it an image file, music file or a video file. You can even open zip files and even Word files on the app. So you don’t have to go anywhere else. You can do practically everything from this app. It is a like a portable browser for your Windows.

open freely

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The app takes very little time to install. The main features of Open Freely are discussed below:

1. Supports more than 100 types of file formats. So they can all be opened using this app.

2. Built for Windows, so it is compatible on all versions of Windows.

3. Open Freely allows users to open image files and perform basic fixes to the images like rotation, resizing and cropping.

4. You can open music files and play them directly from this app. Simply locate the file on your drive and Open Freely will play it for you. Open Freely supports most of the popular sound formats like mp3, wma, aac etc.

5. You can even open you video files from this app. Locate the video file on your computer from the app and it will play the file. Some of the popular formats are supported by Open Freely like avi, wmv, mp4, mov etc.

6. Open Freely also allows users to view their documents from the app window itself. You can view and edit your documents and save them in the original format again after editing.

7. Users can also access zip files from Open Freely and view and extract the contents from the zip file directly from the app.

open freely video

Open Freely is quite a useful app for Windows users where all your files can be opened from one place. This app also has the advantage of saving space on your hard drive as you don’t have to install all those heavy apps on your computer to run them.

Download Open Freely.

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