Open Culture: Browse Through Various Cultural and Educational Content

The internet is filled with websites that we may find to be quite useless, unnecessary or unethical. Users may find it very difficult to browse for something educational or informative considering the amount of useless content on the web. Open Culture is a website that offers a solution to these users. All the latest cultural, educational as well as latest events related to these topics can be found on this one website.

open culture

Open Culture is a website which allows users to view the latest the web has to offer on topics culture, education, politics, history etc. This website contains information, videos, audiobooks, e-books and various other forms of interactive interfaces that the user can view free of cost, although there is certain content that will cost some money, the information that is available for free is certainly not less.

The website also contains recommendations for courses that you can take to gain knowledge on certain topics. The website contains links to some free courses that top universities are offering online.

The website offers links to some great science videos that you can view for free. It wont hurt to try and  gain some knowledge from Youtube videos for a change!

We would recommend this website to everyone who uses the internet to stay in touch with their culture and gain some knowledge on some interesting topics that we may have ignored but are keen on getting to know.

Visit the Open Culture website.

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