Open Your Favorite Websites Using Key Combinations in Windows

Every one of us has a list of favorite websites which we visit often. People normally bookmark those websites for quick access. But if you need to access them as early as possible, bookmarking is not the best option.You can create shortcuts to your favorite websites in the Internet Explorer using key combinations and call them anywhere in the system even if you specify any other browser as the standard program. However, Internet Explorer is required for the setup part. To do this, follow the following steps:

1) Open your favorite website and save the address with Favorites –> Add to favorites.


2) Right click the new bookmark and select Properties.


3) Open a Web Document tab. In the Shortcut Key area, enter a combination of keys which is not is use. For example, I entered Ctrl + Shift + F11.
Repeat this process for the other websites also.


After you confirm the shortcut key, you can press this key combination while in any other application. Windows will execute the command associated with the key combination provided that there is no other function defined by the same combination. This is a really fast way to open your favorite websites and can save you a lot of time.

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