Oppo set to Launch the N1 running CyanogenMod in December

There have been several reports in the recent past about Oppo teaming up with the Team from CyanogenMod to produce one of the first devices to run highly appreciated CyanogenMod ROM out of the box. Briefly at the release of the Oppo N1 in China, there were reports that we will see a CM Oppo device and it seems like, that is going to happen for real.


For those who do not know, CM has been one of the oldest devs when it comes to making ROMs for Android devices. A phone running a CM ROM is as close to Vanilla Android as you will see with a few add ons here and there. CM Team recently split up as they decided to make full software for OEMs. The Oppo N1 running CM will release sometime in December and will give an add on option to the users who can opt for either a version running Color OS which is the trademark Oppo Skin over Android or a CM version of the phone.

The device was launched in September and comes with a swiveling 13 MP Camera, a 5.9 inch True HD display with Snapdragon 600 SoC with 1.7 Ghz Quad Core CPU. The battery on board is 3610 mAh and the device is one of the most anticipated devices on the market. Oppo has promised special packaging for these devices, it indeed would be interesting to check out how well Oppo implement this.

Via: Technobuffalo

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