Organize Your Music Files With Their Tags Using Tag2folders

Most of the music files on a computer are associated with some sort of tags related to the album, artist, name, date or even size. Now you can arrange your music files according to the tags attached to them. Tag2Folders is a portable app that identifies music files and their tags and you can specify the folder to which they are to be placed for a more organized music collection. Just specify the type of tag you want to keep together and all those files will appear in the destination folder of your choosing.


The interface of Tag2Folders is simple and easy to use. All the options are present clearly on the main window.

This tool helps users to easily move or copy similar tagged files into one folder for better organization of your music files. You can either choose to copy the files or completely move them from the folder. You also have a drag and drop function which allows you to easily drag and drop the locations of the source and destination folders into the app. You can scan the destination folder for any duplicate files or even scan the source folder for any files that may have been missed for some reason.

It is a portable app and requires no installation and is compatible with all versions of Windows.

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