Organized contacts with Contact + for Android

Our lives whirl around electronics. One thing which we always have with us is our phone. This is one device which takes care of almost everything related to us. It is our Calendar, search guide, companion, entertainer, you name it and you have it. There are so many things that we do with just our phones nowadays. One reason social networking has got a boom is because we have a quick access for it just through our phones. Managing contacts on our device is another hurdle. Especially when we are connected to most of our contact on the social front and we wish to check out all the details of one particular person. With all those number of apps and services, we often fumble with our app icons while accessing them for one particular person. How about connecting to all your contacts and their social connections at one single place? Interesting eh? Check out Contacts +.


This application, as I mentioned before, lets you access all the social fronts of your contact just at one place. The application has a very appealing and interactive interface. It works as a complete contacts connection with your dialer, message box and contact list together at one accessible option. You find a tab for messages, one for contact list and another for the dialer panel. In your contact list, when you open a particular contact, you find all the social network integrations like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WhatsApp, and others, in a single column placed by the left. To access these, you only have to connect to those particular apps through Contact +. You receive notifications related to all your social network connections. You do not have to open Facebook to remember birthdays anymore as your phone now provides you birthday notification through your connected Facebook account.

Contact + has varied setting options with respect to notifications and styling. It gives you 2 different set of themes, namely Light and Dark, along with a List view and a Grid view choice of your contacts. These contacts have the integrated display pictures from Facebook. Using this application is really very easy and handy. There are few easy shortcuts like, press and hold on names to call, available here. On top of all this, to compete in the league of WhatsApp, the all new Hike and other such messaging biggies, Contact + also provides its users to send free messages to each other. You also can invite your pals to Contact +. We would suggest you to try this organized new application and check if it brings ease to your daily connections.

Download Contact+ on the Play Store.

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