OSX Mavericks Pushed Back to October End for Release

While iOS 7 nears a full release to public, looks like we will still have to wait to see the release of OSX Mavericks which is the latest update to Mac OSX. Surprisingly, the two of them, MAC OSX Mavericks and iOS 7 were released simultaneously by Apple and despite having more Beta release than iOS 7, the release of Mavericks has been delayed.


Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac reports that despite being announced in June, Mavericks has also been slated for a release in fall not exact dates have been set. This could primarily be because Apple is currently asking their software engineers to focus completely on making sure the release of iOS 7 goes off as smoothly as it possibly could when the September 10th event kicks on. there have been reports in the past too, that either on September 10th or within the first week of the event, Apple will seed the iOS 7 to the general public. And since, iOS 7 would be on more devices given the iPhones outsell the Mac, it is clear to see why iOS 7 has been given preference.

It is also worth noting that in the previous two cases of OS releases, Lion and Mountain Lion, Apple went on to release it just the day after the financial reports of the third quarter. So, it may well happen that Apple has set very similar time frames this time too.

Via: The verge/ Mavericks

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