Overskreen Is A Unique Browser For Android

Smartphones are most often used for way many more things than just making a phone call and sending text messages. They are the source of information on the go and we barely spend any time when we are not surfing or searching something or the other on our device. The one application that we use more than most for searching and looking through the information is the Web Browser. Unlike its counterpart which mainly restricts the use of third party web browsers, Android allows its users to use browsers according to your need.

One such unique browser not a lot of people know about is the Overskreen Browser. Overskreen browser is a unique browser unlike any found on the market because it works in a pop up like window. This means that you can have your game running or even a Youtube application running and you can have your browser window open right above that so you can browse while there is something going in the background and keep an eye on the both. The browser is no muck and has all the features you would require from a mobile browser like bookmarks, tabs etc. The window of the browser can be re sized just like any window can be re sized on Windows platform on PC. The browser can similarly be minimized and can be bought back by clicking on a notification in the notification bar. This is especially handy as we can then invoke our browser easily whenever we want from the notification bar.

You can try out this wonderful browser here. It is not a free app, but definitely worth the little it costs. The browser is also commonly called Floating Browser. How did you find this app suggestion? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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