Oxygen ROM for OnePlus One Release Delayed?

OnePlus had made quite a noise in the market when it announced that they would be releasing the Oxygen ROM which would largely be developed by the Paranoid Android team as the divorce with CyanogenMod turned absolutely ugly. As a result, OnePlus was very public that they will be moving their device away from the CyanogenMod ROM to something that was developed in-house. The oxygen ROM was to be announced today that is, March 27th, and the company had promised that if it failed to deliver, it would give away 5 OnePlus One devices.

OnePlus AMA

It looks like the time has come to get those devices out from the warehouse and give them away as the OnePlus team has confirmed that technical snags and then delay in getting the certifications cleared up mean that the update may not come for a few more days, maybe even longer.

In the recently conducted AMA, OnePlus One gave away that initially some issues with the drivers and with the camera module meant that the team was late getting to the certification stage, and as a result, looks all set to miss out on the deadline. It is extremely simple for you to register for this giveaway, just follow the thread link below and comment to be eligible.

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