Page Monitor Tracks Web Pages And Notify You if Any Change Occurs

Here is a cool tool that can help you keep track of any changes that are made to the website you frequently visit. Page Monitor is a Google Chrome extension that monitors the pages that you want monitored and notifies you in case any updates are made on the page.


The tool is an easy install and allows users to constantly keep track of changes to any webpage so they are kept updated all the time. You can even select parts of pages to track, for example, if you want to keep track of the price of a product on eBay, all you have to do is click on monitor this page and the extension will keep you updated on any changes in the price of the product. So you will be the first to take note of those changes and can act accordingly.


Page Monitor also allows you to set custom sound alerts for updates so you can be notified by an alarm whenever any changes happen on the webpage, change the rate at which the tool checks for updates, sort the pages monitored however you want to, enable or disable animations, change the badge color of the notification icon and enable or disable desktop notification which sends notifications directly to your desktop without you having to open your browser.

You can monitor any number of pages at a time. Also it is very easy to add page to monitoring. It also generates sound alert for the change, or you can get alert in your desktop. All in all, this is a very handy extension to have on your browser. It is light, fast and effective, just about everything you need from software!!

Download Page monitor Google Chrome Extension.

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