Page to Sign up for Xbox One Preorder goes Live

Microsoft took the wraps off the next generation of Xbox gaming console, called the XBox One yesterday. If you still haven’t read all about the XBox One, then you can read our report on it here. However, one glaring miss from the announcements made yesterday was the fact that Microsoft did not put any particular date or price on the launch of XBox One. They did say that the console would come later this year, but that does not kill the curiosity of enthusiasts who really are looking forward to owning the console or the entertainment system as Microsoft brands it.

Xbox One Preorder

However, if you are really interested exactly when the XBox One will go up for pre order then the page for knowing that is now Online. You can subscribe to the information by visiting the page here. For a while, Microsoft were offering $10 store credit for signing up, but that no longer seems to be the case, as Microsoft have pulled that offer back. On the same page you can have a closer look at the XBox One and get to know the next generation of gaming better.


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