Paid Youtube Channels Officially Go Online

We had been hearing for a while now that Youtube was considering adding paid content to the site which so far was free and Ad supported. It is a reality now as first set of paid Youtube channels are now a reality. Initially there are only a few channels available and none of them sound very interesting in all honesty. The subscription charges start at $.99 per month though this figure could be channel dependent.

paid youtube channels

Some of the channels such as Sesame Street offer two subscription packages where one of the package includes the video in High Definition. We do hope though that this is not the sign of things to come and most of the channels remain free cause that would otherwise make Youtube a little pointless and lose some of its shine. The present subscription package on Youtube is similar to the way iTunes run their subscription to TV series.

The main reason behind the move is speculated that this way Youtube would be able to broadcast some of the Live TV series similar to likes of Netflix and keep it at the pinnacle of competition in the field of video streaming. B-Film producer though has already announced that he would be airing the studio’s 400 plus movies alongside interviews with people behind the scene all on Youtube. Although it is still early dose, but we hope for the sake of ourselves and others that apart from premium content, not much else goes under the banner of Paid Channels. Guess, well have to wait to find out.

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