Pandora Helps You Stream Your Favorite Music

Pandora is probably one of the biggest names when it comes to music streaming. So basically it is for online music streaming i.e. it recommends you music. What’s good about Pandora is its simplicity and ease of use. Pandora focuses on user and connects him to music. All you need is a song you like and leave the rest to Pandora. It creates a station consisting of artist and uses the information to suggest you related songs or songs from same genre.

In your profile you have your likes, bookmarks and artist you are following which is pretty much everything you’ll need. There is a thumbs up/ thumbs down feature to let Pandora know what you like based on which new songs are added to your playlist. If you’re a free user you get 40 hours of music per month and you can only skip 12 stations in a day, which is a bit disappointing for people who love to skip music they don’t like.
However, there is a $36 yearly subscription for unlimited music streaming.

The bet part is that the lyrics and album cover of the song is included in Pandora. You can share your music, follow people and check what they like too.

There are no advertisements and the interface is kept minimalist. To get started all you need to do is register yourself. We will recommend it to everyone who loves music and wants to explore more music. The recommendations by Pandora are pretty much on target. You’ll find a lot of stuff on Pandora which isn’t found easily on the internet.
The only problem with Pandora is that it is only available for people living in US. So if you reside outside the US, Pandora will not work for you.

We’ll give it a 4.5 on 5 for lack of clutter, not so expensive plans and good music recommendations.

Pandora for Chrome can be downloaded here

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