Pansi Messaging is a Fastest Messaging App For Android Phones

Texting is probably the most commonly used feature on cell phones. We love to text; we stay in touch with friends through texting or drop in a text just to let our friends know we are thinking about them. In a lot countries like India youth primarily prefers to text rather than call on the phone as its cheaper and convenient.

The native android text app is good but lacks a lot of options and customizations. So to overcome this problem, Pansi Messaging is a fantastic alternative messaging client.


Pansi messaging is an extremely light messaging client and very stable. The notification on the Pansi messaging can be set as per the user needs and there is an additional feature of pop up notification for the users who want to see the message immediately. You can then reply or simply delete the message quickly without having to go inside the whole application. There is also a fantastic option of adding your personalized signature for those who want to add text to the bottom of their messages.


There are various themes also available for the messaging application making the UI far more interesting and better looking than the default messaging client. Pansi also gives you two different configurations of your inbox. You could add an option to view the texts in the form of a conversation or as an alternate for our fans of classical inbox look; you could view every message as individual.

I personally also found that Pansi messaging did respond much quicker and did not hang as much as the default client which at times is prone to crashing and hanging.

The best thing about this app is it’s absolutely free. So what to wait for. Given below is a link to the app in the Android Market Place.

Download Pansi SMS for Android.

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