Paper Phone is World’s Thinnest Phone [Futuristic Phones]


There is no doubt that iPhone is the World’s most innovative phone till date. The success of this phone inspires other researchers to make a phone which is different would create revolution in the mobile industry. In a same context, researchers from Queen’s University situated in Ontario, Canada has displayed a phone which is paper thin. According to a senior researcher Roel Vertegaal, this thin phone will come into production within next few year and it will make all the current smartphone disused in the next 5 to 10 years.

This technology works on a 9.5 cm diagonal thin film flexible E-Ink display which has a superb bending capabilities. If you are having doubt about its features then I want to tell you that it will have all the features of a normal smartphones have. You can play mp3, read e-books, browse apps and do lots of other things.

Check out the video to know more about this phone.


[via TheNextWeb via HumanMediaLab].

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  1. Hope it beat down the Iphone market. Really an amazing product… i am really waiting for this one.

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