How To Password Protect USB Drive Using USB Flash Security

USB drive is a widely used device which store and transfer data easily and conveniently. Having small size, the chances of getting misplaced or lose is more. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your data secure so that if any person found, couldn’t misuse it.

USB Flash Security password protects your USB drive in easy steps. It provides strong encryption system (AES 256). To use this tool you have to connect the USB device to your computer and then install the program on the device. After installation, no one can open the drive without password.

1. Go to this link and download Free(non-commercial/personal use) USB Flash Security.


2. After downloading, open and extract the zip file. You’ll find UsbEnter folder inside it. Double click on UsbEnter_Setup.exe to run the setup.


3. A welcome screen will appear. Click “Next” and install the software.


4. After done with installation, you’ll see USB Flash Security icon on your desktop. Double click on it to run it.


5. Program’s welcome page will appear. Click on the checkbox next to the “Don’t display again” and then click “OK”.


5. Now the program will detect all the attached drives to your computer. You can password protect only flash drive using this tool. Son don’t look up at the hard drives attached. Also before encrypting your flash USB drive, it will remove all the data of it. Select the USB drive tab and click on the big “Install” button.


6. A warning will appear displaying it will delete all the data on the USB drive while installation. Click OK.


7. Now select the password and confirm it. You can also add a hint which will help you in case you forget the password. The encryption tpye is selected to AES 256. Keep it as it is. Press OK.


8. Again the warning will appear. Click OK to start.


9. The installation begins. You can see the progress in the progress bar. It will take few seconds to install.


10. After installation, the name of your drive will change to “USBENTER”.


11. Go to windows explorer and your USB drive.


12. Click on it and it will ask you for the password. Enter the password to access your pen drive.


13. If you enter wrong password then it will give you the error notification. It will prohibit you to use the flash drive.

This way you can secure your flash drive with a strong password. Do you know any other such tools to password secure the flash drives? You can tell about them in comments.

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  1. USB Flash security is a good product. The item which I however do not like is the fact that you can not just use a small part of your flash drive as a secure vault. I.e. I have a 16GB flash drive and would only need 2GB of secure data. The rest will just be general purpose files. This is the reason why at our company we chose to use another product called Encrypt Stick ( It doesn’t require formatting of the entire USB stick, works on both, Mac and Windows, and includes a password manager. With USB Flash security you have the risk that if you store passwords on the drive and if yuo get a virus, that those passwords are copied. With Encrypt Stick this is not the case because there are not actual files with the passwords.

  2. hello, pls help me. am using USBenter on my Flash drive and I mistkingly deleted the shortcut of the software on my flash drive so i cannot enter my flash. please what can i don to get this shortcut and enter my password. thank you, please help me by sending me direct mail which av included in filling the comment form. thank you

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