PC Tablet War: Who Will Win?

It has been reported that Tablet are killing PC sales in the U.K. Due to the overwhelming popularity of Apple’s Ipad-2 and the homecoming of a whole new generation of Honeycomb Tablets, the tablet market is slowly starting to make its mark on the PC market.

PC sales continue to fall in the UK and with just 2.5 million desktops sold during the second quarter the PC’s now seem to be no match against the IPad which unlike the PC’s shipped a whopping 15 million units during the same period.

According to reports PC sales were down by 15% when compared to the same quarter in 2010 and the Tablets and Smartphones are gaining by this fall.

Its not that people have stopped using PC’s but the fact of the matter is people have stopped buying PC’s and started buying Tablets and Smartphones.

Isabelle Durand, principal analyst at Gartner, says that rather than purchasing new PCs, we’re holding on to our old ones and focusing on tablets instead:

Most [UK] consumers continue to hold back spending on PCs by extending life cycles on existing PCs and purchasing other devices. PCs are not attracting consumers’ disposable income, particularly in light of alternative devices. While remaining an important device to consumers, there are few compelling technological reasons to drive PC replacements.

Apple and Samsung are the two companies which are enjoying this growth in the UK and Acer has been hit badly as its sales declined by a massive 47%.

For a large no. of users PC’s will be their First love but some of the casual users have started shifting to portable on the go and easy to carry devices as they are cheap and can perform everyday tasks.

Will you bid farewell to your PC and shift to a tablet?

[via Technobufallo via TechRadar].

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