Pebble Announces Pebble Time Round: The First Pebble with a Round Dial and World’s Thinnest Smartwatch

The Pebble was the first ever usable wearable device, well before the likes of Galaxy Gear, Android Wear and Apple Watch happened. With its e-ink display, the Pebble watches were famous for having battery life that would easily outlast the likes of Apple Watches, Android Wear devices and pretty much any other wearable device that you could think of now. However, with the original Pebble and then the Pebble Steel followed by the Pebble Time, one complain that has been persistent has been the complain with the looks of the watches. Pebble is fixing this with Pebble Time Round.


It is the first Pebble watch to sport a round dial but the bezels on the side really kill the look. Just like the Apple Watch, Pebble will be making the Time Steel in several color options including Black, Silver and Rosegold Pink. The straps too are available in several colors and combinations and will be available soon. The Pebble Time Round will continue to support both Android phones as well as iOS devices. Those who wish to book their watches can do so at Pebble’s site or the likes of Amazon in the US.

The downside of the watch is definitely a 2 day battery life, which was sacrificed to probably make the watch really thin. However, the Time Round will be able to completely charge in 15 minutes flat, giving you enough time. Not sure about licensing or who are the new partners on board, but you would expect all the existing apps that worked well with the last generation of Pebbles to continue their support.

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