Pebble in Color Shown Leaked Online

Pebble is set to make a huge announcement today. They are set to release their brand new Pebble Smartwatch after the Pebble Steel last year. The watch was leaked out late last night after it was cracked down from the servers of the company.


The watch is expected to have an E-Ink display but will be colored this time as compared to the black and white display on other Pebbles. Not just this, the battery life will be comparable to the first generation Pebble, which lasted for well over 4 days on regular usage, a great improvement to the battery life of the other tech wearable watches, esp Android Wear that lasts about two days at most. It is expected a 6 axis gyro would be added too and the watch will be powered by a Cortex A4 processor.

The E-Ink display will also ensure the watch is really thin. The new design in all honesty looks a bit disappointing as you have a slightly smaller display and bigger bezels when compared to this year’s model. Not just this, you also have buttons that are flushed far more than the current one, giving the watch a very plastic and block like look which doesn’t add the oomph factor which some of the other devices such as Motorola Moto 360 does. We really hope there is a Steel version of the watch to come in as a surprise.

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