Perfect Tip for Android allows you to Calculate the Tip You should be Paying at the Restaurant

It is a common etiquette that you pay a tip after eating out provided you were served well with food you liked. While tipping is a bit of a cultural thing in India, most of the restaurants are specifically mentioning not to encourage it. Yet we continue to do so out of courtesy if nothing else. How much is the right amount to be paid as a tip is up for debate. The common notion is that you must pay about 10-20% of the total bill as a tip.

perfect tip

To make the calculations of the amount that you must pay as a tip simpler, you can download an application called Perfect Tip from the Android Play Store. The application is available for free and allows you to enter the amount for the food and then based on it gives you the tip that you should be paying. Not just this, the app also allows you to input the number of people you went dinning with so that you can equally split the bill among yourselves.

The application has a beautiful and simple UI and does only what it is required to. It instantly updates the tip amount and does not leave you waiting at all. It works well and in the couple of days we used it, there were no odd crashes or unresponsiveness on our HTC M8 running Android 4.4. The app requires Android 4.0and above on our device to work.

Download Perfect Tip for free from Android Play Store here

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