Photo Booth: Do The Magic With Pictures On Mac

Get ready cause things are going to get twisted, swirled, stretched etc. This is possible on  your Macbook with the help of Photo Booth. It is a hilarious yet an amazing application to work with as you can transform your photos from cold to hot. using Photo Booth can be a great source of enjoyment with friends and it can leave your eyes wet with laughter. You can even make videos with it. So what else can you do with this amazing application, find out in our review.

Taking a snap or making a video.

The first thing to get started will be opening Photo Booth from the dock. You can choose the mode of taking the photo.It can be either a single shot or continuous four shots. These options are at the bottom of the preview area on left. You can even choose the video mode. After that you got to click on the red button just below the preview area and your snap or video will be shot in three seconds.

Effects that can be applied to photos.

A lot of fun on this application is made possible by the application of various effects available. All you have to do is click on the effects button on the right hand side below the preview area. They include sepia, black and white, glow, comic book, normal, color pencil, thermal camera, x-ray and pop art. The next set of effects consists of deforming the images. They include bulge, dent, twirl, squeeze, mirror, light tunnel, fish eye and stretch. There are also backdrops like clouds, color dots, earthrise, eiffel tower, fish, roller coaster, sunset and yosemite.

Sharing your weirdness.

The thumbnails of the snaps taken appear at the bottom of the screen and photos and videos can be viewed by double clicking on them. Once to get started with viewing your photos, there are options available on the bar below the preview area which include Email, iPhoto, Account Picture, Buddy Picture. These options make it very user friendly and convenient to share photos and videos with family and friends. Your can mail your photos,   keep them as account and buddy picture as in jabber. With the help of iPhoto you can put them on social networking sites.

Hope we have done enough to make sure you check out this wonderful Application. Do let us know how you find it? Any other comments are welcome too.

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