Photo Editing and Passcodes Come to Telegram App

While Whatsapp and the likes of Hike make all the noise in the IM market, one application that has a lot of good features as well as is being really appreciated for the work is Telegram. The application not only has been a hit on mobile, but it is the cross platform and cross form factor compatibility that has made the application a first-class hit. Over the period of time, the application has seen several massive improvements over the existing feature of end to end encryption making the chats a lot more secure.


Despite early positive reviews, the company has not stopped working and as a result the IM service is one of the first to add on several new features. It recently received the all new Material design and also introduced stickers recently. The newest feature to come to the app is a basic image editor as well as a password setter so that your chats are kept safe and private.

The image editor lets you crop the images before you share them as well as play around with settings such as Brightness, Contrast etc to make them stand out. You can set the password of your choice as well as select when should the chat be locked, it can be manually locked or can be done after a period of inactivity.

Both the features are available on Android in version 2.5.

Via: Android Police

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