Photogene is Awesome Photo Editing tool for iPhone4

Digital photography isn’t one of the iDevice’s strengths. The hand-held images have problems with contrast and dynamic range, color, noise and exposure. There’s a real need for iDevice photo-editing applications. Software makers always have a solution and here they are with a beautiful application. Among the offerings available, Photogene stands out for providing a wide range of editing tools in a simple yet appealing interface.

The tool lets you adjust levels (the range of bright and darks) using a bar with three sliders and a histogram similar to that of the Levels control in Photoshop. Two other sliders control colour temperature and saturation. The combination of controls lets you effectively adjust brightness, contrast, and hue, as well.


Buttons in the colour pane let you invoke several special effects—night vision, a multicoloured look, and a sepia filter. The effects are purely “photographic,” as Photogene lacks the drawing, painting, stencil, and similar illustration tools some other iDevice photo editors provide. You can add text, directly to the photo, in a box, or in a cartoon text bubble. To top it off, you can surround the image with a frame. Each of these functions gives you numerous style choices.


Photogene may not have all the fancy artistic effects of some other apps, but it excels at getting the best out of your iDevice images. Its user-friendly interface, image tweaks, and admirable features, such as its ability to straighten and crop images as well as add text boxes and frames to them, make this the most well-rounded iDevice photo editor available today and deserving of an Editors’ Choice.

To download it for free you need a jailbroken iDevice and an application named installous from which you can download the application for free. If you want to download it from the Apple store then it costs $1.99 which is approximately INR 90.

Check out Photogene.

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