Pic Jointer For iPhone Lets You Join Images

Often it happens that we have a few images in our iPhone library and want to join them all in a nice framed work to make it in to one picture and share it with our friends. There are lots of applications available in the Apple store which allow you to do this. However, since we all crave for simplicity and applications that work without much efforts or complications, Pic Jointer is the one we highly recommend. It is a simple application that does the job and is available for free.

Pic jointer

Once you open Pic jointer you can select different aspect ratios of the image that you want to create. To be precise you can choose between 1:1, 4:3, 3:4 or 3:2 depending on your need and where you want to share. Once you do that, you can select the framework depending upon the number of images you have to place and if you want them to be horizontal or vertical. You can select from minimum 2 images to maximum of four.Even though we would have liked to have had a few more number of images to select but more often than not, we found four was more than sufficient. You can also re-size the frame with the help of the bar at bottom. Once you select the framework comes the challenging bit.

Now you have to select the images that you want to put in the framework. For this you will have to allow the application to access your image gallery. Once you have done that you can select the images one by one and add them to the particular frame that you wish to. You can pinch in or out to zoom in or out of the image and can also scroll the image inside the frame to make sure you get the perfect placement of the image. Once you choose all the four images or whatever number you have selected, you can edit the image or just directly share it.

The editing options are fairly minimum, but if you wanted to edit the image you could have just used an application like snapseed or Instagram. You can rotate the image or make a mirror image. There are also a pre-set of filters just like instagram that you can apply to individual images. These options are more than sufficient and you would really not need anything more if you just want a basic tool. After the editing bit you can share the images with your friends or or social networks. You can also just simply add the image to your photo gallery and use it later. Services such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are supported which is fantastic.

Overall, if you are looking for a very basic tool to join your images, then you will do well to find something better than Pic Jointer. So go ahead and download it for your iPhone from the link here.

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