Pictures Compare Alleged New Apple 9 Pin Connector To Micro USB

We all know the iPhone is coming in just about 2 days time, and it certainly is making quite a lot of news. However, one new feature that s definitely causing a lot of buzz amongst the tech reviewers is the fact that Apple may finally decide to do away with their 30 pin connector and use a brand new 9 inch one to be able to charge and sync the new iPhone. This straight away means, all the Apple cables that you have stacked up nicely wound in a circle in your desks would be useless if you happen to purchase the new iPhone, or the iPhone 5 as it would be called.

Above is an extremely interesting picture which compares this 9 pin dock connector to a standard Micro USB cable. Micro USB cables are used as a standard across most of the Android devices for their syncing. The resemblance is  uncanny and we do wonder if some hardware geeks  would try and come up with some sort of a modification to the micro USB cables that would allow the charging of the new iPhone. This all obviously if and that is a massive if, Apple decides to go with a new dock.

Via: Technobuffalo

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