Pictures of Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Leaked Online

It seems like keeping a smart phone a secret is probably the toughest job right now. Samsung especially has been accused of killing the suspense way too often in the race to market their products and show them off to the ever so inquisitive internet world. The Galaxy Ace 1 and 2 have been one of the most successful devices when it came to lower segment of Android device, and looks like a successor to them, the Galaxy Ace 3 might well be on the way.

According to this leaked image at Sam Mobile, the device will follow the design patterns of the Galaxy S IV and numerous versions of the S IV that have since followed. It seems like Samsung are on a crusade to produce at least a 100 smart phones under a different name which all but look the same. From the leaked shot, Ace 3 would be just another in the queue.

Ace 3

The rumoured specs of the device are:

  • 480×800 4 inch TFT Display.
  • 5 MP Rear Camera with LED Flash
  • Front Facing VGA Camera
  • 4 GB Internal Memory and expansion allowed via Micro SD slot.
  • Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi for connectivity.
  • 1500 mAh Battery.

The device is set to measure 121.2×62.7×9.79mm in dimensions. It is indeed a point to mull over that how just about every Samsung device gets leaked out days before it’s release and the specs are always more or less perfectly spot on. Can you ever imagine someone leaking out the exact dimensions of say an Apple device?No, never. Makes you definitely believe that this might well be a calculated move by Samsung and fairly sure this Ace 3 leak will prove to be pretty accurate when the device does indeed launch.

Via: Sam Mobile

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