How To Pin Web Applications To Windows 7 Taskbar

Internet Explorer 9 Beta is out and it arrived with some very cool features. Pinning web apps to Windows 7 taskbar is one such cool feature. Yesterday Edbott gave a fantastic review of IE 9 Beta. In case if you’ve missed it, you can check it.

IE 9 aloows you to pin any web apps or website to Windows 7 taskbar. It means you can pin websites, blogs or any web application to the taskbar and open it anytime you want. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Download IE 9 Beta.

2. Install and open the browser.

3. Open your favorite website.

4. Drag the website’s tab to the Windows 7 taskbar.


5. Now, right click on the pinned application and you’ll see the real magic. You can find shortcuts for almost every tasks of that application. For example I pinned Twitter website to the taskbar and when I clicked on the Twitter taskbar icon, I found the link of DM, reply, @Mentions, favorites and search.


Similarly I pinned this blog also on the taskbar. It come in handy if you start your computer and want to open your favorite web app immediately. You don’t need to open the browser to type the name of website or search it via bookmark bar.

I think it’s a result of great strategy by IE team because they know very well that people will use IE again and again if it will come on the taskbar. Thanks Microsoft for such a nice feature.

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