Ping is an Interesting Tool To Buzz your Team Members in Office

Remember the days of Yahoo Messenger or even BBM where you had the ability to buzz or nudge your friends, which sent out a little notification to them saying that you are either missing them or need to speak to them or something along those lines? It was a rather uncomplicated way of communicating with the people without actually sending any message in particular. This is exactly what Ping, a tool for Mac does for you.


Basically you install Ping on your Macbook and are able to send across notifications to anyone who has Ping installed and is on the same Local Area Network as you. You can obviously not chat using the application, but it does send across a notification on the screen of your team member or friend so that he will come back to you as and when he is available or free without you needing time to scream or shout it out loud disturbing people. The application in itself is extremely simple and allows you a keyboard shortcut as well, so that you do not have to continuously turn the app on or off.

We would have loved the application for Windows counterparts too as that would have facilitated a good medium of conversation between Mac and Windows users too, but as of now there is no news on the Windows variant.

You can download Ping from the Apple Store here.

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