Pinterest Official App Is Here For Android

Pinterest is one of the best social networking sites that is coming up these days. In fact it immortalizes the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can pin images from the articles you love on pinterest and that can redirect you to the article in case your reader finds the pictures interesting. However, so far one massive downside of this awesome social network was a lack of a proper mobile app. Yes, there were a few third party applications but none of them worked well enough. However, if you are on Android, you should celebrate cause the official pinterest application has come on the Android Play Store.

The app is totally a miniature and basic version of the site. The UI is really clean and easy to use. You can see all the pins that people you have subscribed to have put up. You can also swipe across the screen to see the various notifications or swipe left from the main screen to look at your various pin boards. Like I said earlier, this is a very basic form of the site and there is still no real way of pinning to the board. However, we are hoping as the application goes on more and more downloads and updates are received there will be an extensive method to share on your various boards. However, you can still pin images from your gallery to the boards so that is a great plus. However, if you are trying to pin an image from a webpage for a redirect on your site is where the problem is. However, we all have a desktop for things like that. All and all its a wonderful application and definitely worth the wait. And the best part is obviously that the app is free.

Download Pinterest for your Android Smartphone from here

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